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This is a version of hangman for practicing Chinese pinyin. You have to click on different letters to guess the word. The game uses pinyin instead of 汉字 for obvious reasons.

As with other versions of hangman you have to guess all the letters before the guy gets hung. Each incorrect guess causes a bit more of the man to be drawn.

Before beginning you can select the content you want to use so that you can get an idea of what kind of words you need to guess.

I hope you have fun playing this game and that you can learn or improve your Chinese pinyin at the same time.
Leave a comment if you want to.

15 thoughts on “Hangman

  1. It seems that when you click “er”, it doesn’t work properly (the letter “e” is not shown)

    1. I love when you post these games! I can’t believe I got The Gods Must Be Crazy. Such an osbcure reference, I didn’t know it was pop culture enough to get a spot on this. Classic?? It’s hilarious, but I don’t know about classic. So much fun!!!


  2. what does it mean!

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  4. the E in erhan will not work?

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  6. Their is no “A” letter available for “Ai” (short) — so the game ends automatically on that word.

  7. Its true!

    The game hate us 🙁

  8. When writing a word e.g “Anjing” the letter a is not there and doesn’t appear when I click it the first time.

  9. not started yet

  10. I need to start playing first, then only can comment

  11. Good game

  12. When there is an “A” at the beginning of a word, for example ăi, the letter “a” doesn’t show up.

  13. Why no reply! So many comments without reply. It is useless to type comments. Most of us have the same problem.

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