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If you are looking for a decent dictionary app to use to compliment this site, then I really recommend an app called Hanping Chinese. It is an app you can use to look up any word you find in either English, Chinese or pinyin and the word database it uses is huge.

It is available only in the Google App Store; unfortunately, there is no Apple version. It is free to download and is pretty light weight. See link below.

Hanping Chinese in Google Play Store

I like the app because it is slick and has an easy to use interface. You just input the English and it will display the Chinese. Alternatively, you can draw characters in Chinese and get suggestions for the exact character you're looking for. Then, the English translation will appear underneath.

As well as the translations, the app will also give some contextual information and a few sentences using the word as an example.

Hanping image

In the image above, you can see an example of the character lookup for the character 'ai' or 'to love' in English. The app can monitor what you draw and give you the best match for which character you are looking for.

Although the app is free, there are also some optional paid add-ons. You can pay to have an extended dictionary with more words and definitions. You can also pay to have the camera on your phone detect characters you see in the world around you.