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This application includes content for HSK 5

HSK five is the first level for the HSK test and is pretty easy. To be at HSK level five you need to be able to recognize and use the first 2500 characters. This number includes the first 1200 characters specified in HSKs 1 to 4 and another 1300 specifically for HSK 5.

This level is defined as being for advanced learners who can read Chinese newspapers and websites. They can also make a speech in Chinese or have an in-depth discussion. HSK Five is roughly equivalent to level B2 in the CEFR.

Listed below are 25 of the 1300 vocabulary items used for this set. Email me if you would like the full set for this level

The items are included here to give you an idea of the level of vocab needed for HSK five. If you want to see the characters, then just go back to the first page and play on the main app.